House Z

Programme: Private House
Site: Villa District of Honorable Citizen, Xinhui, Guang Dong
Size: 6500 sqf
Completion Date: 2010


House “Z” ,

Xinhui, Guongdong Province, P.R.C.


The client wants to build a vacation house for three generations to share while maintaining their individuality and privacy when needed.


The size of the lot measured 100M X 100M with a due northwest/southeast orientation.  Upon further investigation we found out that this seemingly flat piece of land is actually a result of a massive excavation from a small mountain by the city government in order to give an elevated and picture perfect view to a well known local landmark called The Kwei Mountain in a distance.


The architectural concept takes clue from this violent yet pragmatic operation of removing the earth thus forming a man-made void to create development by the city officials. The once small mountain is now two separated hills.

We have created two houses and a void in the middle in essence for the grandparents and the children/grandchildren so that they can have absolute independency when desire.  A bridging element which houses the master bedrooms becomes a formal connection of the overall massing of the house.  The straight north-south orientation of the master bedrooms provides maximum environmental benefits in this climatic region so that the clients can enjoy summer breeze and winter protection.  A framed view of the distant Kwei Mountain is also provided underneath the “bridge.”  The building materials are of cast-in-place concrete with white plaster for both interior and exterior applications. Integral colored polished concrete floor provides subtle reflection of the lights penetrating through the vertical wooden fins on the south side of the house. Subtle variations on the orientation of these fins catch and reflect sunlight so as to soften the monotonous look of the prime elevation facing the main road.