Ztampz kingston

Programme: Retails; Fashion name brand store
Site: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Size: 2100 sqf
Completion Date: March 2004


ZtampZ, Kingston


This is a renovation project.

The client was unhappy with the existing design by the previous designer, for the following two main reasons: 

1)        About a third of the store of the existing design was under-utilized, thus generated almost zero retail revenue for the company.

2)        Shoppers were experiencing a race track effect. They walked in and out the store in a super efficient counter-clockwise loop, thus eliminating the "lingering effect" which is vital for retail business.


The pachinko machine is widely popular in Japan.  The design idea was inspired by it.  Like pinballs going through various routes while observing the laws of gravity, shoppers in the new design would encounter four zones which are layout perpendicular to their movement. It aims to provide maximum voyeuristic effect within the space.  Each zone is defined by a “movable wall”, which also double functions as a unit to display clothes and for storage. Countless variations on the shopper’s circulation can be configured through the different placement of the walls.