Ztampz matheson

Programme: Retails; Fashion name brand store
Site: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Size: 2,100 sqf
Completion Date: April 8, 2004
Awards: AIA NW.PacificCitation Award 2007

AIAHK_Merit Award for Interiors 2005


ZtampZ, Matheson


Upon our first site visit, we were struck by the apparently irrational placement of the structural columns inside this store. The building is located on a triangular grid and it is a thrash hole to a busy shopping district in Hong Kong, but the sidewalk can barely fit through 2 people walking side by side.

The design questions the urban implications of any interior projects given all the unique site characteristics presented to us.

We have decided to push the storefront back in order to enlarge the side walk so that the public would have a moment, and more importantly space, to pause; and look at the window display of the store without being bumped and hit by busy passer-bys.

We have decided to use non-rectilinear planes to pay homage to the site’s unique shape, and using these triangulated planes to form an artificial landscape for the interior of the store. No right angles, please.

We have decided to celebrate the structural columns by cladding them with naturally finished plywood, rather than fighting a losing battle to conceal this “Forest of Columns.”  We have turned them into a “Forest of Woods” in the most literal sense.  Everything is white except these columns, and the brushed stainless steel display units.

Two weeks after the opening of the store, the public decided that they would turn the “porch” we created into a partying and hangout place...

And the client is quite happy because everyone on the street now talks about “that new store”, which gave up valuable and rentable outdoor space for “NOTHING?”

Now everyone wants to come hang out at the store and check out “Nothingness.”