German Pool Factory Compound

Programme: Operation Headquarter + Factories
Site: Shunde, PRC
Size: 140,000sm
Completion Date: July 2006 ( Masterplan Phase)


The German Pool Factory Compound calls for a design comparable to a small university campus. It consists of twelve buildings with over 100 parking spaces:

Administration building
Six Production-line Plants
Raw material Storage Plant
Finishing Storage Plant
Sheet Metal Processing Plant
Plastic Molding Plant
Back up Generator Plant.

The 400MX400M “German Pool University Campus” is designed with restricted vehicular traffic in order to minimize noise and air pollutions.  The main road at the center of the compound serves as a major artery for the north-south traffic, while the secondary roads which run east-west are connected to all the remaining plants. The two primary material process plants are located at the heart of the factory compound to provide shortest accessible routes to all factories for further processing. Adjacent to the processing plants is a piece of open green space that is reserved for leisure activities such as basketball or badminton for the workers and staffs.  The Administration Building is located at the northwest corner where the majority of the public would be arriving from.  Loading/Unloading areas are located at the two corners farthest away from the busy intersection in order to avoid traffic gridlock.  Like a piece of well-oiled machine, this logical master plan layout guarantees clear and uninterrupted flow of human, goods, information and resources from anywhere within the compound. 

The Administration Building located at the most visible and prominent corner provides a strong and welcoming presence to the visitors.  This building houses the kitchen showroom, conference rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, offices, cafeteria, R&D and testing laboratories. The majority of the public gathering places such as the cafeteria, meeting rooms, conference rooms are oriented towards the southeast direction in order to provide maximum natural daylights, “summer breeze and winter protection” specific to the Shung de region. There will be greenery on the roof to act as outdoor café patio and resting places.  At the east end of this 200M long building is an eight-storey residential staff/guest residence. The resident tower gives a commanding view to the factory compound on the south side and the view to the river on the north side. All outdoor balconies of the residential unit face southeast as well.

The design of the factories strives for simplicity while maintaining their individualities. All factories will be built with steel structure to provide maximum spanning capability and to help shortening construction time.  The infill panels would either be modulorized metal panel or precast concrete for maximum durability and constructability.

The two primary material process plants are straight forward saw-tooth roof design with clerestory skylight faces north. This orientation provides maximum ambient sunlight to the factory space below. It also forms a visual anchor to the factory compound.
The Finishing Storage plant is designed with a vaulted roof which spans approx. 35M. The repetitive nature of the roof structure suggests that the size of the finishing storage can be further expanded due to production needs.
A simple clear span roof with skylights peel off at strategic locations is the main feature of all six production-line plants.  It forms another distinctive design language compare to the other two typologies. 
The visual identity of each factory is therefore clearly established.

A.Lee/Index Architecture Ltd.