Ztampz wyndham

Programme: fashion boutique / art gallery
Site: central, Hong Kong
Size: 500 sqf
Completion Date: feb 2004


The site is located at the hilly and old part of Hong Kong Island surrounded by tiny and narrow stairs.

The client would like to double up the program so it functions as a fashion boutique day-time as well as an art gallery in the evening if needed.

The design idea came from such a rich historical and emotional context about the stairs. Given the relatively small size of the store, the design solution is to construct an “orange-monumental staircase” with other staircases act as display and concealed lighting units for the space. Together, they form a series of overlapping perspectives to activate the space.

When all the “drawers/cabinets” inside this staircase are closed, and the merchandises displayed on the stair are removed, the entire space would turn into a zen-like art gallery.