Ztampz miramar

Programme: fashion boutique
Site: tsimshataui, hong kong
Size: 5,000 sqf
Completion Date: jun 2004


ZtampZ, Miramar


The project is located inside a generic shopping mall in one of the busiest districts in Hong Kong.  

Similar to the Yin-Yang Taoist symbol, the design utilize two distinctive architectural elements; the Island and the Zipper, to contrast and to complement each other so as to create different pockets and zones for display and fittings in the entire space. The various designer labels are spread out randomly along the Zipper, thus forming a non hierarchical displaying strategy. 

The Zipper is composed of 1412 pieces of steel “C” varies in length.  At the end of the each steel stud is a pre-drilled hole for hanging the merchandise.  This “hung” Zipper dances freely in the space and is contrast by the orthogonally shaped Island. 

The Island is made of color-stained OSB which housed the cash registers and the main storage and fitting rooms.  The Island is conceived as a carved-out solid mass which is situated in the center of the space.