Oi Ling Antiques

Programme: Antique Gallery
Site: Hollywood RD, HK
Size: 2,000 sqf
Completion Date: July 2008


The idea is to unify the three storey antique shop with a single element that visitor can indentify with from far away outside the store.

A display system is designed adjacent to the shop front.  It runs through the entire three storey and act as the unifying element visually.  The idea of fabricating the system pieces together was a simple architectural exercise on lines and planes.  The tectonic of it is further illustrated through the change in materials between brass rod (the line) and blackened steel (the plane).  The use of this industrial material provides a striking contrast to the aged pottery and ceramic pieces to be display.  

The system also allows flexibility in adjusting the position of the displaying items with integrated lighting strategy as well.