Blue House Redevelopment

Programme: Community Complex
Site: Wanchai, Hong Kong
Size: Approximately 54,000sf


Blue House Cluster Redevelopment-The Continuation of an important Historical Lineage.

The design of the Blue House Cluster takes on the theme of blending the old with the new while keeping intact the historical lineage and the spirit of the place.

The Architectural features of the original Blue house would remain largely untouched.  We have introduced a Marital Art (Kung Fu) theme as a revitalization element to activate the Blue House.  The osteopathy clinic opened by Mr. Lam Sai Wing, a close disciple of Martial Art Master Wong Fai Hung, would be kept in its original location.  Due to the constraints of the existing structural shear walls of the blue house, we place program with less demand on large span spaces such as Kung Fu History Gallery, Ku Fung Reading Room and Free Marital Tutorial as complementary activities to illustrate the historical significance of the complex.  The remaining two floors would be open to other NGOs and to community usage.  

The Yellow House would undergo some alterations and it will serve as the major Food and Beverages Hub for the complex.  While we plan to reinstate the original street façade of the Yellow House facing Hin Wan Street, we propose to eliminate the kitchen annex at the back to give way to the future Chinese Tea House/Wine Bar with live Chinese Opera performances. There would be performances on Traditional Chinese Opera in this semi-outdoor performance space.  The glass enclosure gives it flexibilities to host event irrespective of weather while it can also serves as an stage for activities happening on the other side of the courtyard. The north-south connection from Hin Wan Street to the courtyard space is reinforced by this well.  People can enjoy light refreshments and a zip of Chinese tea or wine while reminiscing the good old days.

The Orange house would be demolished and replaced by a new building.  While the new building is meant to provide upgraded living conditions for the original tenants

who opt to stay within the neighborhood, the most prominent feature is perhaps the “sky-bridge” that hovers above the existing courtyard.  This “Sky-Bridge” houses

the martial art training center.  Group lessons (as suppose to the one on one free tutorial inside the blue house) will be conducted to serve two purposes: It gives a distinctive and unique identity of the blue house complex as an Unique Cultural Landmark-The Hong Kong Kung Fu Institute.  Perhaps one can recall imageries of diligent disciples practicing martial arts loyally with their masters on building rooftops in the 1960s.  It also provides the public an opportunity to get an unobstructed panoramic glimpse to the revitalized Wan Chai District.  The “bridge” is carefully shaped and located so that adequate sunlight would be penetrating into the courtyard throughout the year.  

Due the narrow footprint of the new building, we were able to provide maximum natural crossed ventilation as part of the heating and cooling strategy for the building. The exterior façade is composed of vertical sun blocking fins in order to minimize heat gaining effect to the interior of the building as well.  It is also our intention to recycle the collected storm waters on the roof for irrigation for the small local farm operations on the Blue House Roof. There would be solar collectors installed on the roof of the Sky Bridge to generate extra electricity for the complex.