Programme: Private Residence
Site: Prince Edward, HK
Size: 700 sqf. site
Completion Date: 2005


Schedule of construction: 10 weeks.
Cost of construction: HKD $350,000
Major Construction Material: OSB board, scratch coat plaster. MDF
board, cork wall surface, black slate tile.


The OSB board forms the "spine" of the whole apartment. The Spine
wall is the "soul" of the apartment. It has two functions:

1) It divides the apartment into two halves. One half is the "smooth" side with white skim coat plaster as wall surfaces. Everything is smooth and white, very pure and clean. The other half of this OSB board is the "rough" half, with gray scratch coat plaster, cork wall and black slate tile to define spaces and surfaces.

2) The OSB Spine wall also houses functions along its
Length: It is a wine rack, a shoes cabinet, a small table, a linen
closet, a storage...you can see the spine in every room of the apartment.

The seemingly "unfinished look" of the materials questions the "picture perfect" apartment style that we see in interior magazines everywhere nowadays.  We would like to think of this project is being constantly evolving...therefore “ad-hoc” nature in the use of unfinished or semi finished materials.