3 plus 1

Programme: Private Residence
Site: Ho Man Tin Hill Road,HK
Size: 6,500 sqf
Completion Date: July 2012


The project calls for a design to house a family of three generations. We responded by placing the private areas on the two opposite ends while the public and semi-public spaces serve as the connector of these two wings. The 6,500sf apartment, with its exceptionally low floor to ceiling height, emits a strong sense of spatial horizontality; coupled with the treatment of space through materials of the private verses the public formed the basis of our design. In the common areas, each zone is visually anchored by a specific building material to direct the eye to move horizontally across and beyond. Spaces float from one zone to the other to maximize this visual extension to the outside world. In the bedrooms we use built-in wardrobes and furniture to define spaces, as if they are carved out from a solid block to illustrate a sense of intimacy and privacy, thus providing a nice contrast to the sense of free-floating in the living and dining zone. By treating the public and private space differently, one could enjoy the intimacy and openness by screening and partitioning. Various feature walls act as visual devices to guide and define the spaces in this apartment.

Book-matched feature stone wall, back-lited CNC milled Corian wall, light transmitting wood veneer and Bronze Galvanized steel. The material quality changes through artificial and natural light that gives temporal dimension to the residence. In the treatment of details, we illuminate both the top and bottom of the built-in cabinet so as to minimize the less-than-comfortable effect of the uncommonly low floor to ceiling height of the unit.