Koo Residence (StarCrest)

Programme: Private Residence
Site: StarCrest, Wan Chai .HK
Size: 1,200sqf.
Completion Date: Jan 2008


The MAGIC of 1.613

The client is a jet-setter who spends over 50% of her time abroad on business trips and countless nights in hotel rooms.  It becomes essential that she gets a moment of peace and sanity when she is really HOME. The proportioning and dimensioning system called the Golden Section used since the ancient Greek time became the driving force as a design idea for the bachelorette suite.

The original three bedroom layout of the design has been changed to master bedroom, walk-in closet and the study/guest room respectively. The single element that connects all these functions is a 25 feet long wood cabinet designed with a paneling system that fits the Golden Section.  This idea of paneling is continued into the dining room’s mirrored wall, where different shades of reflectivity of the mirror surfaces act with this proportioning system. The concept axonometric drawing of this idea is acid-etched onto a piece of this mirror wall. We believe the attention to the smallest of detail can rejuvenate the spiritual life of an urban dweller.

People once argued that this harmonious 1.613 golden ratio can be found in nature and it particularly pleases the eyes and the mind. In our project, we believe the chaotic schedule of the owner could be somehow tranquilized by this ancient Greek mythology.