Chan Residence (Stubb Road)

Programme: Private Residence
Site: Stubb Road .HK
Size: 2,200 sqf
Completion Date: Nov 2005


There are many ways to make a column disappears. The most obvious way is to conceal it inside a fake wall. We handle it by camouflaging it. We provide other fake columns this column “ disappears”.

We wrapped the dining room with pilasters so that this “real” column now becomes part of a decorative system which also includes a coved ceiling to give a sense of scale to the room. The portion and size of the portals were studied carefully so that every column seems to be real and fake at the same time.

We have also created a “fake” fire place. Hidden behind the skin-deep fireplace is actually the entertainment center of the apartment. When closed, the fireplace and the bookshelf form a well-proportioned and coherent feature wall.

What we learn from this project is unmistakably clear: It is neither style nor taste which governs architectural endeavors. It is precisely in the realm of idea that forms the backbone of architectural thoughts which are manifested in space and details ultimately.