Yip Residence (Parkview)

Programme: Private Residence
Site: Parkview, Hong Kong
Size: 3,000sqf
Completion Date: June 2013


The design is for a couple with three young children. With a stunning view overlooking the southern side of Hong Kong island and the Pacific Ocean beyond, the living room becomes a “hinge-space” that connects both wings, and acts as a spatial anchor upon first entering the apartment. The curved design echoes the existing rotunda-type layout and also accents the panoramic view of which the space offers. To the left of the living room is a sequence of functional spaces: The dining room, an open kitchen, and the family entertainment room. They are all interconnected to form a seamless flow from one space to the next. It also unveils the country-park views and provided ample natural lights in these spaces cater for mainly family gathering. All bedrooms are located at both ends of the design that provide a more intimate environment. A series of pivoting door panels, which also acts as wall panels, were design to meet the clients requests for a more flexible layout to cater for the changing needs of the twin brothers, in anticipating of their growing up to each get their own bedroom.