Research on HK Cemetery with The University of Hong Kong

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PART 1: STUDY ON CEMETERY TYPOLOGIES A research was assigned to a group of architectural graduate(M.Arch 1) students of the University of Hong Kong in Fall 2006. The study was divided into two parts in which the first part focuses on the cultural and social perceptions on death and afterlife-and subsequently-the ‘housing’ of the deceased. Students also examined the essential elements constituting a cemetery and its ritualistic aspect. Precedent studies and analysis were conducted on cemeteries in Hong Kong and well-regarded cemeteries throughout the world. PART 2: Design Proposal As for the second part of the research, it was composed of architectural studies and proposals. The students were asked to study the findings derived from the first part of the projects and came up with their own design proposals. They were also requested to address, through their design proposals, the cultural, social as well as architectural implications of cemetery.