Wong Residence (Po Garden)

Wong Residence
(Kwong Sang Hong Bldg)

Koo Residence (Po Garden)

Siu Residence

Research on HK Cemetery with The University of Hong Kong

Lee Residence (Sky Garden)

KY Library

Imperial Court

Goldwin Heights


Wong Residence (Villa Lotto)

Lee Residence (Sai Wan)

Helly Residence (Aegean Coast)

Pao Gallery Installation

Leung Residence

Koo Residence (StarCrest)

Shiu Residence

Chan Residence (Beverly Hill)

Chan Residence (Albany)

Ginger bread pacific place

Ginger bread city plaza

DB residence

Lee Residence (Robinson Rd)

Chang Residence

Heong Residence

Ma Residence


Ztampz miramar

Chan Residence (Stubb Road)

Ztampz wyndham

Ztampz matheson

Ztampz kingston

Yip Residence (Parkview)


Cafe Euforia

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