Index = indicator + organizer
Architecture = concept + structure + form
We put strong emphasis on concept and its role as indicator. A clear architectural concept functions like a sharp arrow pointing us to the right direction.
At Index, we begin each project with a thorough understanding and research on its uniqueness in site, circumstance and context. It is through this exhaustive process an architectural concept is formed. This architectural concept serves as a road map for us to further develop ideas and solutions for each specific design problem. We consider it is our roles and responsibilities, as architects, to find distinctive solution to give each project its identity, uniqueness and life.
Architecture acts as organizer of space and event, our expertise lies in our concerted efforts to investigate and develop the most appropriate structures, forms and materials to optimize efficiency and functionality for our clients. We believe that all our clients’ needs are exclusive. They call for a refreshing way to analyze and understanding each project.
We would like to think that all our clients are more than just people commissioning us work; but they are our true collaborators. Together we design and build a living and working environment that respond to our time and culture in a most specific way.
Architecture is born out of the urge to express both internally and externally; it is the foundation of all human art forms. It elevates the spirit and helps us to redefine who we are. At Index, we are committed to pursue this fundamental joy of living and working.
Concept gives identity, uniqueness and life. Intelligence provides rigor, organization and efficiency.